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25th Anniversary Edition
You can now get a CD copy of this album, a special anniversary release available 25 years after “Isles Ne’er Forgotten” was first given away with bottles of Highland Park Whisky, the CD is a limited edition of only 150 copies, unfortunately there’s no Highland Park with this one. It can only be bought through our on-line store and includes an immediate MP3 digital download. The track listing is: The Sea King, Seona Dunsmuir, Hoy’s Dark and Lofty Isle, The Ballad of Pirate Gow, The Road and The Miles, Jenna Drever, Half Past Ten, The Road Home, Had She Been Aye, Keldabrae, Orkney Anthem and Cooper O’ Castle Yards.

  • To download a PDF of the original artwork click here
  • To see the artwork click here
  • To read the full story of “The Pirate Gow” and its link to Sir Walter Scot’s “The Pirate” click here
  • To hear the song “The Pirate Gow” from “Isles ne’er Forgotten” enjoy the player below!

It is intended to release more of Ivan’s unobtainable back catalogue as limited edition CDs in the new year. Keep in touch here and via Ivan’s Facebook Page

Ivan says of the release:

It doesn’t seem like 25 years since I was approached by Highland Park in Orkney to record an album of Orcadian and Scottish songs and tunes, but I guess it must be! It was originally produced as a promotional venture, given away when buying a bottle of whisky and so has never been available commercially until now. The album has been unavailable ever since that promotion despite many people asking for it after having mislaid or lost their copies. We weren’t sure if it would be an idea to re-release it and then its 25th birthday came along! We’ve enjoyed delving back into it, hope you do too.

The original release notes say:

Ivan Drever was born and raised on Orkney where he developed his skills as a musician with his contemporaries on the islands. Such a training ground, with its often impromptu music sessions, produced an ability to adapt very quickly to the style of other musicians but Ivan’s distinctive voice and guitar work also created his own unique sound. From Orkney Ivan has travelled extensively with his music, including tours of America and Europe.

The unique collection on this album highlights a rare quality of musicianship and a versatility of mood and style. It draws on a wide variety of influences: the dramatic tales of Orkney’s ancient inhabitants which inspired “The Sea King”, the enchanting melody of “Seona Dunsmuir”, the baroque arrangement of “Keldabrae” and tracks such as “The Ballad of Pirate Gow” and “Cooper O’ Castle Yards” which are more evident of Ivan’ s folk roots.

Accompanying Ivan on this album is Seona Dunsmuir, an accomplished artist whose repertoire includes fiddle, guitar and piano. Seona studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and recently returned to Orkney.