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Live at Falkirk Folk Club 2019

Prior to the completion of a new studio album, Ivan releases a live recording made at the Falkirk Folk Club in Scotland on the 7th March 2019. The limited edition CD can be bought at our on-line store, it features the following songs and tunes:

  1. The Ballad of James and Isa Cursitor (4:32)
  2. The Rose of St Magnus (5:47)
  3. The Ballad of Jimmy Fry (3:52)
  4. El Caballo Blanco (4:06)
  5. Rosalida (5:41)
  6. Walk Beside Your Shoes(4:22)
  7. A Peedie Heart (4:30)
  8. Close It Down (2:46)
  9. The Rowan Tree (3:46)
  10. My Father’s Son (3:40)
  11. Fiona MacDonald’s / The Road to Joppa (3:24)
  12. Tall Ships (4:27)
  13. The Dark Haired Ruby (4:13)
  14. The Fisherman (3:37)

The recording was made by the wonderful Falkirk Folk Club. For more information about the club visit their website at: . There is an immediate high quality MP3 download of the album with each purchase (physical CDs will be dispatched after 23rd August 2019). Here is a video of one of the tunes on the CD “Fiona MacDonald’s / The Road to Joppa”:

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