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New CD “Collection”

“Collection” is a “best of” compilation CD of Ivan’s career spanning the period of his recordings with Knowe O’Deil until the present day. The 19 tracks include items from work with The Knowe O’Deil, Drever McGuire Young and the Ivan Drever Band. Recordings are also underway for an album of new songs which will be released later this year.

Listen to “I am The Night/President Garfield” from the CD:

The full track listing is:

1. Close It Down
2. Betty Corrigall
3. The Ballad of Jimmy Fry
4. If You Took Your Love Away
5. Sina’s Tune
6. Sing It
7. The Viking’s Bride/The Hindenberg
8. Bless the Wind
9. Leaving Stoer
10. I Will Be There
11. I Am The Night/President Garfield
12. Song For Yesterday
13. The Hard Road
14. Sleepytoon
15. Tall Ships
16. Brave Souls
17. Walk Beside Your Shoes
18. Every Beat Of The Drum
19. The Rose Of St Magnus

The album will be released on the Friday 8th June. To pre order a copy please visit our shop

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